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ECNativeMap is available for Android, you can download and install the demo apk.

Fig. 149 Demo ECNativeMap for Android
Fig. 149 Demo ECNativeMap for Android

Long press on the map add a marker, its appearance is random, you can move it and click on it to obtain its address.

Fig. 150 Markers

Zoom in and out

By rotation you can change the orientation of your map

Switch "Find me' to display your location

Allows you to go to a destination, or to create a route by filling the 2 fields

Fig. 151 Goto Paris

Automatic monitoring will then be put in place, click the triangle to the deactivate or re-activate

Fig. 152 Tracking

Displays images panoramio, satellite and restaurants.

Fig. 153 Select Layers

To manage the cache, erase or save the map, manage the zoom effects , inertia and the high-resolution mode.

Fig. 154 Save your Map

You can download an apk for android to a mini demo that displays the OSM data for a small area.

Fig. 155 Android Test OLT

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