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TECShapeInfoWindow allows you to display a panel containing text.

Windows are managed by an TECShapeList list accessible through the property InfoWindows groups TECShapes

Fig. 123 InfoWindow


The following properties are available

property Color : TColor

Color window

property Style : TECInfoWindowStyle

The window style : iwsTransparent, iwsRectangle or iwsRoundRect (by default)

property Visible : boolean

show / hide window

property CloseButton : boolean

show / hide close button

property ContentCenter : boolean

Center text horizontally

property Width : integer;

Width in pixels

property Height : integer;

Maximum height, if the text takes up less space then the height is automatically adjusted

property Content : string

Text to display

You can use a subset of HTML to enrich the display


Tags <img>,<h>, <a> ,<b>, <i>, <u>, <s>, <font>, <br>,<tab> and <PlainText> are supported

map.Shapes.InfoWindows.add(map.latitude,map.longitude, 'content');
// html content
map.Shapes.InfoWindows[0].Content :=
'<tab="32"><font face="Times New Roman" size=14 bkcolor=FF0000 color=FFFFFF>Font</font><br>'+
'<tab="32"><a href="#16/43.094089/-0.046520">Link Lourdes</a> <img src="" width=32 height=32>';

Fig. 124 html Content InfoWindow

property OnOpen : TOnInfoWindowOpen;

This event is raised just before the window display, you can change the contents or cancel opening

win.OnOpen := doOnOpenWindow;
procedure TForm.doOnOpenWindow(const infoWindow: TECShapeInfoWindow; var cancel: boolean);
// set cancel to true for not open then infowindow (default false)
// cancel := true;

infoWindow.Content := 'change content here';


When a window is closed by clicking on his cross the event OnCloseInfoWindow of TECNativeMap is raised and a TECShapeInfoWindow is passed as a parameter.

OnCloseInfoWindow does not occur if you close by using the property visible


Automatic closing

Using an animation of type TECAnimationAutoHide you can close the window automatically after a few seconds.

var win: TECShapeInfowindow;
win: = map. addInfoWindow (lat, lng);

// automatically close the window after 15 seconds
win.Animation := TECAnimationAutoHide.Create;
TECAnimationAutoHide (win.Animation).MaxTiming := 1000 * 15;


You can set a link by using the <a> tag, to intercept the click Connect on the OnBeforeUrl event of your map.

s := '<a href="#your_data"> link </a>';
OpenInfoWindow (s, Item.Latitude, Item.Longitude);


Procedure TForm.mapBeforeUrl (Sender: TObject; var Url: string);
// here url = '#your_data'

You have the option to set a special link that allows you to move around the map, it is of the form #zoom/latitude/longitude

'<a href="#16/43.094089/-0.046520"> goto here </a>'
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