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Delphi mapping component

TECNativeMap 100% Delphi VCL and Firemonkey

TECNativeMap uses a 100% delphi rendering, 0% WebBrowser & Javascript so faster and lighter in memory

Support offline mode, mappilary, multiple views, screenshot areas even off screen (maximum 8000 x 8000), animations, KML format ...

Available in VCL (D7 to 12) and Firemonkey (Xe3 to 12) ( Windows , Mac OS X, iOS and Android )

You will be able to optimally manage your maps and geographical data using the language you know best, Delphi !

The sources of the components and demonstrations are delivered, you can consult the manual directly on the site and get an idea of the capabilities of the component by downloading the demonstrations .

A trial version of the component TECNativeMap is available on request

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