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CartoTrack is a mapping application made with Delphi Firemonkey, it allows you to record routes.

Fig. 99 CartoTrack

The user interface is very simple, it is based on TLayout, TRectangle, and TCircle and TPath for the buttons

Fig. 100 UI CartoTrack

The main function is the route tracing which can be assisted to follow a pedestrian, cyclist or road route.

Fig. 101 pedestrian trip

You can search for an address

Fig. 102 go to...

The search for points of interest is also available.

Fig. 103 Search for a restaurant

Un layer Mappilary est intégré

Fig. 104 Mappilary

You have a convenient progressive zoom to zoom in and out with one hand.

Fig. 105 Zoom progressif

This application has been designed as a tutorial to discover the main features of the TECNativeMap mapping component.

The commented sources are available with the trial version of TECNativeMap, do not hesitate to ask for it

Download and install the apk of this application.

OSM Data

You can download an apk for android to a mini demo that displays the OSM data for a small area.

Fig. 106 OSM data


Download the apk of a demo searching for Mapillary images in an area

Fig. 107 Mapillary image search

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