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Display a Panoramio Layer in Bing maps, Leaflet, MapQuest, CloudMade and Google Maps

Google Maps already has a layer Panoramio , let's see how to wear this feature to all apis.

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In this chapter we will discuss specific cases and we will see how to use TECMap and its various components with Delphi

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ECMap and this site is edited by Christopher ESCOT-SEP, entrepreneur registered in Saint-Lô under number 509 737 532 whose registered office is 231 rue des fauvettes, 50000 Saint-Lo , FRANCE

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ECMap is a suite of components for Delphi, Since version 7, that supports the apis Google Maps 3 , Google Earth, Bing Maps, CloudMade , OpenMapQuest et Leaflet

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Use License

TECMap license allows you to integrate it into your applications and distribute them freely without royalty, you can modify the source to suit your needs.

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