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TECMapAdressEdit is a descendant of TEdit component that provides automatic support for the address entry

Fig. 182 TECMapAdressEdit in action

When you preselect in the list a proposal the OnSelect event is raised

When you valid an address, either by pressing the return key or clicking a proposal with the left button of the mouse, the OnAdress event is raised

You have access to the Nominatim property that contains the following information about the selected address

  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Display_name
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Latitude
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Longitude
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.BoundingBox
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Place_type
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Place_rank
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Place_id
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Osm_type
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Osm_id
  • TAdressEdit.nominatim.Icon

The addresses are obtained with the MapQuest Nominatim service

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