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Fig. 31 Google maps controls

With maps CloudMade and OpenMapQuest only zoom control and scale are available

You can suppress the display of all controls by flipping the EnableUIControl property to false

// Delphi map component ECMap
// hide all controls
map.EnableUIControl := false;

NavigationControl manages the display of the navigation bar, MapTypeControl map type, ZoomControl zoom and ScaleControl scale.

NavigationPosition, MapTypeControlPosition, ZoomPosition ScalePosition manage the position of controls on the map, these properties can take the following values:

  • cpTopLeft
  • cpTopCenter
  • cpTopRight,
  • cpRightTop
  • cpRightCenter
  • cpRightBottom
  • cpBottomRight
  • cpBottomCenter
  • cpBottomLeft
  • cpLeftBottom
  • cpLeftCenter
  • cpLeftTop

Under CloudMade only positions cpTopLeft,cpTopRight, cpBottomLeft and cpBottomRight are functional



TECMap property has a menu that allows you to associate a TPopupMenu that opens when you right click on the map.

The event is still triggered OnMapRightClick if a menu is attached, it comes just after the opening of TPopupMenu

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