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Use License

TECMap license allows you to integrate it into your applications and distribute them freely without royalty, you can modify the source to suit your needs.

You may not redistribute the component, source or binary to produce a component from TECMap and distribute, including free.

The license to use the component TECMap is not a license to use the apis and map data used, they are respectively owned by Google, CloudMade, MapQuest Microsoft and OpenMapStreet.


Before use you must read and accept their terms of use

MapQuest Open Elevation is used for altitude research with API CloudMade , OpenMapQuest and Leaflet

MapQuest Nominatim is used to retrieve an address from latitude and longitude with CloudMade and Leaflet.

MapQuest Xapi API Service is used under CloudMade, OpenMapQuest and Leaflet the equity method of Places of Google.

Map MapQuest , maps Mapnik, Osmarender and CycleMap, Can be used with Google , CloudMade and Leaflet


TECMap uses a default key for Bing, OpenMapQuest, CloudMade and Leaflet, you must obtain your free key by registering on their site.

Get a key for CloudMade / Leaflet
Get a key for OpenMapQuest

Enter your key in the property CloudMadeKey, MapQuestKey, BingKey and GoogleMapsKey of TECMap.

The Google Maps JavaScript API v3 does not require an API key to function correctly


Google Maps API Premier

If you have subscribed to Google Maps API Premier you got a "Customer ID" style gme-xxx, you must fill in the ClientID property of TECMap to use it.

contact google to find out how to subscribe to this service

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