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TEStaticMap is a descendant of Timage which will allow you to view a static map using the services of Google Map, Google StreetView and OpenMapQuest

Api allows you to select the service to use (saGoogle, saStreetView ou saOpenMapQuest)

You choose the region to display by filling in either the property address or Latitude and Longitude properties

Adress takes precedence over Latitude et Longitude, make sure address is empty if you want to use coordinates.


MapType allows you to choose the type of cards ( stMap, stTerrain, stSatellite, stHybrid ) (no effect if you select StreetView)

Zoom gives you the choice of zoom

Params allows you to use additional parameters (ex Params:='key=API_console_key&scale=2') see the different documentations for more info

To display your image use the function LoadMap which returns True or False depending on success or failure


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