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TEStaticMap is a descendant of Timage which will allow you to view a static map using the services of Google Map, Google StreetView and OpenMapQuest

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Property type TECMapStreetView StreetView enables you to manage the display StreetView

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The markers are managed by a list of type TECMapMarkers accessible through the property Markers of TECMap

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Property Places type TECPlaces lets you search specific locations in a given area, such as finding restaurants in a radius of 500 meters.

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A InfoWindow is a bubble of information that can contain HTML text, they are accessible through the list InfoWindow type TECMapInfoWindows

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EarthView type TECMapEarthView property lets you manage 3D Google Earth display or cesium

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We will discover the methods, properties and events related to all that appeal to the geographical position of a point.

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