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Install ECMap

  • Simply open the ECMap.dpk file in the Source directory
  • Right-click ECMap.bpl in the project manager and click install
  • Add the Source directory in the list of libraries - Win32 (Menu Tools - Options).

You can install the component that will be on ECMaps tab of the Component palette

Install TECNativeMap

Repeat the procedure above but with the files ECNativeMAP.dpk (Vcl) and FMX.ECNativeMAP.dpk (Firemonkey)

You do not need to install ECNativeMAP.dpk with ECMap because it is included in, however you must install FMX.ECNativeMAP.dpk


Activate Chromium

To use the Google Chromium browser instead of Internet Explorer you must first install the component Delphi Chromium Embedded CEF1 developed by Henri Gourvest.

ECMap also supports Delphi Chromium Embedded CEF3

Always take the latest versions present on SVN

Edit the file included with ECMap and replace {.$DEFINE CHROMIUM} by {$DEFINE CHROMIUM}

If you are using a version of Chromium CEF1 <= 275 you must replace {$DEFINE CEF275_UP} by {.$DEFINE CEF275_UP}

To use CEF3 replace {.$DEFINE CEF3} par {$DEFINE CEF3}

You can now install the ECMap component, use TECMap.DisplayBrowser property values dbIE or dbChromium

You will need to distribute binaries of chromium with your executable, they are in bin\win32.

In the .dpr of your project you can specify the path to the binary

program demomap;


UMainDemoMap in 'UMainDemoMap.pas' ;

{$R *.RES}


CefLibrary := expandfilename('.\bin\win32\libcef.dll');

Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True;
Application.CreateForm(TFormDemoECMap, FormDemoECMap);


Here you will have the subdirectory bin\win32 at the same level as your executable

Fig. 7 Delivery of a project using chromium

CEF3 lets you use multiple processes, by default this is not the case, single process mode is recommended only for debugging not for delivery.

To enable multi-process mode you must add these 2 lines after CefLibrary := ... in your .dpr

CefSingleProcess := False;
if not CefLoadLibDefault then Exit;


The component comes with 8 demonstration programs that show you how to exploit.

DemoLocalise you how to use the functions of geolocation , getting to a point from its address, find an address from its geographical position.

You will also see the use of a InfoWindow , the selection of the API used (or Google CloudMade) and the type of map displayed.

Fig. 8 DemoRoute
Fig. 8 DemoRoute
DemoRoute focuses on the management of roads , you will also see how to get the altitude of a point set
Fig. 9 DemoMobile
Fig. 9 DemoMobile
DEMOmobile for automatic management of movable on a track coupled to a monitoring of StreetView
Fig. 10 Demo3D
Fig. 10 Demo3D
Demo3D uses EarthView , shows you how to display a 3D model and make it follow a route
Fig. 11 DemoOverlays
Fig. 11 DemoOverlays
DemoOverlays you discover the dynamic management of overlays

DemoLayer lets you see how to use Panoramio and other types of layers

Fig. 12 DemoLayer
Fig. 12 DemoLayer

DemoMatrix in Delphi is an adaptation of the example javascript from google and shows you how to use the service DistanceMatrix

Fig. 13 Demonstrate the use of DistanceMatrix
Fig. 13 Demonstrate the use of DistanceMatrix

DemoAdressEdit allows you to test the TECMapAdressEdit and TECStaticMap components

Fig. 14 DemoAdressEdit

Fig. 15 Firemonkey Demo

FREE - Download Demos!


The full source is supplied to the purchase of the license, but a test version is available for free and unconditional on request.

The trial version is limited to the following points

  • only Google maps is available
  • This is an earlier uncorrected !
  • No support for Chromium
  • Google Earth is not available in full, no KML
  • The component should be used only to test the product and distribution is not allowed
  • An information box is open to launch

Trial TECNativeMap

Only the Bpl and dcu for Delphi Windows 32-bit VCL/FireMonkey
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