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Property type DistanceMatrix TECDistanceMatrix gives you the distance and travel time for each pair of addresses start / finish.

Not available on CloudMade

Fig. 57 DemoMatrix demonstrate the use of DistanceMatrix
Fig. 57 DemoMatrix demonstrate the use of DistanceMatrix

The demonstration program DemoMatrix is an adaptation in Delphi of the example of google javascript

The example of Google not working in IE because there is a comma at the end arrays origins and destinations that crashes the IE javascript engine



Provides access to properties and methods

function Count:integer;
Returns the number of couples Departure / Arrival
procedure Update;
Start the calculation of distance and time for each couple.
OnDistanceMatrix event is triggered when the calculation is finished
Property Origins:TStringList;
List of starting points
Property Destinations:TStringList;
List of points of arrival
property TravelMode : TDirectionsTravelMode;
Choosing the type of road tmDriving or tmWalking
property UnitSystem : TUnitSystem;
Choice of unit system, usMetric (km) or usImperial (miles)
property AvoidHighWays : boolean;
Avoid highways or not
property AvoidTolls : boolean;
Avoid tolls or not
property Cells[indexOrigine,indexDestination:integer]:TECDistanceMatrixItem; default;
Table for data access is the default property so you can access it directly by map.DistanceMatrix[indexOrigine,indexDestination] instead of map.DistanceMatrix.cells[indexOrigine,indexDestination]

indexDestination is the index of the arrival point from the list Destinations

indexOrigine is the index of the starting point in the list Origins

Returns nil if the indices are out of bounds



property Item[index:integer]:TECDistanceMatrixItem;

Item allows you to get your data sequentially, use Count to know the total number of pairs.

They are arranged in the following order

(Start1-Finish1), (Start1-Finish2),...,(Start2-Finish1),(Start2-Finish2),...

Returns nil if the index is out of bounds



This class represents a couple Departure / Arrival, it gives you access to properties

property Origin : string
Starting Address
property Destination : string
End Address
property Distance : integer
Distances in meters
property Duration : integer
Duration in seconds
property DistanceText : string
Distance in the form of a text that reflects the unity tendering system chosen ( tmMetric or tmImperial)
property DurationText : string
Duration in text
property Status : string
Indicates a possible error, OK if no error and if a match was found


Event triggered after the call to DistanceMatrix.Update when results are available

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