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Display StreetView in an InfoWindow

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Let's see how to display StreetView in a InfoWindow

StreetView is available only with Google Maps api !


The first step is to create our InfoWindow, We store the index in idStreetWindow

Its contents will be a component DIV who must have a unique name here "streetwindow"

It must also define its size, 300 pixels in height and width.

idStreetWindow := map.InfoWindows.Add('<div id="streetwindow" style="width:300px;height:300px"></div>');

We connecting events OnInfoWindowOpen and OnInfoWindowClose to show/hide StreetView When InfoWindow will be open or closed.

map.OnInfoWindowOpen := mapInfoWindowOpen;
map.OnInfoWindowClose := mapInfoWindowClose;

In these events we use javascript to do the desired job.


To open the InfoWindow you can either react directly when clicked on the map as you plugging into OnMapClick


But Alternatively, you can associate it with a marker and then it will open when clicked on it


Fig. 184 StreetView in InfoWindow

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